Redefining Neo Banking in Africa with AI Brilliance!

Imagine a bank that thinks ahead, understands your financial needs, and empowers YOU like never before. Zeen is not just a bank; it’s a financial ally, a game-changer powered entirely by AI from the ground up!

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The convergence of Neo Banking, Financial Intelligence, AI, and Financial Inclusion empowering Africans.

Personalized Financial Insights

AI-driven advice tailored to your unique behaviors and financial goals.

Instant Loans

Access quick and hassle-free loans powered by AI, tailored to your financial needs.

Offline Mode for Remote Areas

Offline mode that allows users in remote areas with limited connectivity to perform basic transactions and access essential financial information.

AI-Powered Crypto Trading:

Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with AI-driven trading features, ensuring smart and informed investment decisions.

Swift Money Transfers

Experience lightning-fast money transfers powered by AI, making cross-border transactions seamless and secure.

Credit Scoring for Unbanked Populations:

AI-driven credit scoring models that consider alternative data sources for those without a traditional credit history, helping to include more people in the formal financial sector.

Biometric Security

A cutting-edge layer of security through fingerprint and facial recognition.

Automated Savings and Investments

Tailored suggestions for optimal savings and investment strategies.

Voice and Chatbot Assistance

Seamless interactions with our friendly chatbots and voice commands.